A clipping path is basically known as a closed vector path or it could be a shape that is used for cutting a 2D. In recent times, it is a widely used topic all over the world. The arena of the online world is increasing at a rapid rate and also the necessity of photo editing is becoming an alarming issue over the years. People like to represent their products in an attractive style. So they need a high-quality photo editing service called Clipping Path Service.

Classifications of clipping path Service

We can classify the clipping path service in so many ways. By taking into consideration of business purpose or categorizing the topics as per our customer services we can classify them as

  1. Basic clipping path service
  2. Simple clipping path service
  3. Medium clipping path service
  4. Complex clipping path service
  5. Super complex clipping path service

 The necessity of clipping path service

The main objective of the clipping path service is to remove a specific portion of an object from the targeted image. It means image modification or we can call it beautification. Suppose if we like to go for an online magazine then the magazine cover picture needs to be extremely good and eye-catching. In this sense, we need some photo editing services like remove background from image.  It needs background removal, color correction, masking, and sometimes company logo or slogan adding service. Now if we like to think about an eCommerce site there is a necessity of varieties of photo editing tasks like color adjustment, background replacement, transparent background adding, in case of a model we need proper masking service for hair, etc. The main duty of the clipping path service is to make the images suitable for public use.

Now let’s talk about different clipping path services

Basic clipping paths service

It starts from a very low price range. Basically easy pictures that need less time to edit are considered as a basic clipping path service. Here price range is starting from $0.3 to $0.5. A pencil, rubber, plastic pot, mobile phone, charger, table, chair, cushion, etc are considered as the basic image. If you order a huge amount of images then we have a special discount offer for you.

clipping path service

Basic Clipping Path Service

Simple clipping path service

It’s almost the same as a basic clipping path service. Here price range is starting from $0.4 to more depending on the image quality. Basically, we consider kitchen items and daily household rockeries as simple clipping path items. In the month of January and February, we have a special discount for simple clipping path items. If you order above 1k images then the discount packages will be yours.

Medium Clipping path services

It needs more time to complete the photo editing process. Examples of medium clipping path services are Flower tubs, cars, football, cricket ball, bat, bracelet, diamond watches, electronics items and so many others. Here price range is relatively high and needs more time to complete the editing process. It starts from $0.7 to $0.8.

Car pics editing

Complex Clipping Path Service

In the online world, we need to edit a lot of photos for commercial purposes. Now if we like topics in our photo editing term the images which need masking services or more time to complete the editing process are called complex clipping path services. For example jewelry items, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. Here price range is starting from $2.00 -$4.50

Complex Clipping Path Service

Complex Clipping Path Service

Super complex clipping path service

If we like to talk about super complex image editing services then it needs over 3 hours to complete the editing process of a single image. Normally model retouching, beauty retouching, old photo restoration, tree image editing, and ornaments retouching are considered a super complex clipping path service. Here price range is starting from $2.5.

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